We'll pick you up from Nimes

Going to the south of France should be a pleasure in itself. Eurostar trains and high speed TGV connections on to Nimes (in under 3 hours from Paris) can help you make the journey in some style. The prices are generally quite reasonable, expecially if you can book well in advance.


There is also the cheap flight option. Ryanair fly to Nimes from Luton and Liverpool. Other flights are also available, to Montpellier, Avignon or Marseille.


Whether you prefer to spend Saturday night in Nimes and sample its attractions, or catch the early TGV from Paris (or the plane), we'll pick you up from Nimes on Sunday morning. From then on, leave the driving to us and enjoy the countryside. Once we've got to Florac, in any case, there will only be a few short trips to make by car - just to make the most of the area's varied scenery.