The words

Whether you write already or not - and whether you write for work or love, for publication or for pleasure - you will want to come back from your Walking With Words week with some fresh ideas. We do everything possible to help you make the most of the experience.

Reading and writing: facilities and feedback

Our writing workshops are designed to draw inspiration from having been out all morning, and from everything that happens as you walk these beautiful hills. They include a short introductory talk, focusing on a different theme each day. There will always be plenty of opportunity to develop and share your own particular responses. The emphasis will be vey much more on sharing ideas and knowledge, than on following some  preordained notion of a 'creative writing course'.


There'll be quiet time afterwards for everyone to pursue individually (or together) whatever they most want to work on, making use of the ample space and facilities of an 18th century maison de maitre in the old town of Florac, with its own small library and garden, wi-fi, printers and other essentials on hand.


Informal evening meals around the kitchen table or in a local restaurant are the occasion to exchange ideas and feedback within the group in a relaxed atmosphere.


To round off the week, we explore the possibility of publishing some texts online to capture something of the atmosphere of our time together, to maintain the momentum and to forge links of common interest with the participants in other workshops throughout the year.


Think of your week in the Cevennes as a staging post in the development of whatever you may be writing. It won't be the end.