Le Col du Rey


There was once a fine farmhouse at the Col du Rey. All built in stone, in the time-honoured Caussenard manner. When the independent-spirited people of the Cevennes region first began to turn protestant, their first  pastor, Jean Fornier, came to live here. That was in 1568. Times change. It's a ruin now. Last early summer we found it occupied by tiny kittens. This evening we've come to pick the blackberries, with the evening sun on our backs at 1000 metres.


Stretching out for the most succulent fruits, the ones always almost beyond reach and defended by the fiercest prickles, seems well worth the risk for the anticipated pleasure of what we will make together later on.


One and a half kilos later, well satisfied with our harvest and our day, we'll go gently back down to the village. We'll almost be home as the setting sun lights the opposite crest of the Can de Tardonnenche with its last red rays. Then the sky will darken to deep blue, and it will be time to look for Venus before we go inside.

October 2013