Just a matter of time

 Fast forwarding the calendar is a tempting thought on long winter evenings everywhere. Florac, a small town in the Cevennes, is no exception. But down here in Florac we look forward to mid-February with particular passion. 


January 2014


On the road in the Gorges

Gone, for the moment, are the queues of camper vans. No doubt they'll be back next year. So will the flotillas of yellow, red and blue canoes, and then the walkers drinking in the autumn colours of leaves, rocks and sky. For now, though, winter has come, early and swiftly, to the Gorges du Tarn. <more>

November 2013

Le Col du Rey

There was once a fine farmhouse at the Col du Rey. All built in stone, in the time-honoured Caussenard manner. <more>

October 2013

War and peace on the Corniche des Cevennes

The mild October weather in southern France has got mushroom lovers heading for the hills. From the plains of Languedoc, the Corniche des Cevennes offers them a dreamlike escape route to the rural peace of the chestnut woods. But in 1703, at this same time of year, it was blazing not with autumn leaves, but with burning villages.  <more>

October 2013

Foragers from Florac on the Lempezou

The woods above the village, on the side of the hill that gets the afternoon sun, are dotted on this fine October day with wild food foragers. A sculptor should be there to sketch them, capturing the gestures that go with each different harvest. <more>

October 2013